COVID-19 Regulations

It is our main priority to keep the Residence as safe as possible, however we can only do this with your help and co-operation.

All students will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 Swab test (carried out within the last 72 hours of arrival), which is to be presented at reception on check-in.

Students who do not present this certificate will asked to quarantine (for 2 weeks) in alternative accommodation of their choice, or in annex accommodation on the Residence’s premises at an extra charge of €40 per night, payable on check-in.

Below are MUR’s regulations which are to be adhered to at all times:

  • A mask is to be worn when in reception at all times, whether it be, passing through or sitting down.
  • Sanitizer available at the reception is to be used every time you enter the reception area.
  • Students who test positive will quarantined and moved to alternative solitary accommodation within the premises at an extra charge of 40 Eur0 per night to be payable on day one (1).
  • Any students caught breaking quarantine will be immediately dismissed from the Residence. Accommodation fees as well as the deposit will be lost (not refunded).
  • Visiting guests who are not booked at the Residence are not allowed in the premises.

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