Terms and Conditions

Special Conditions for Malta University Residence

It is the duty and responsibility of the resident to read and abide by these special conditions. The Management of the Residence shall in all cases assume that these mandatory conditions have been read and understood by the resident.

Short Term bookings:

In order to secure short term bookings, 50% (deposit) of payment would need to be paid in advance with the rest to be settled on check-in. The 50% (deposit) payment will be retained should the booking be cancelled.

Academic Bookings:

In the case of academic long-term bookings students are required to forward a deposit of €350.00 (three hundred and fifty euro) The deposit will be retained by Management as a ‘safety deposit’ and will be refunded in local currency (less any payments due) at the end of the contract. Students who depart or are dismissed before the expiry of their accommodation contract, will not be refunded their deposit. The student will also remain liable for the full contractual charges. Any residents who leave the Residence prior to their original departure date, will only be allowed limited access into the Residence except in the case of dismissal where access will be forfeited.

Your room will not be guaranteed if your booking form and deposit are submitted after the deadline. Bookings can only be considered confirmed, after having received a confirmation email by The Residence staff.

Booking cancellations:

Bookings cancelled beyond the below dates will not have deposit refunded.

First semester and academic year bookings are to be made by no later than 31st July 2020. Second Semester bookings are to be made by no later than the 30th of November 2020. For bookings beyond these dates, kindly contact reservations (info@universityresidence.com) to check for any remaining rooms.

Please note that as from the 20th of June 2016 the Government will be introducing ‘eco tax’. All guests will be asked to pay 0.50c per day, capped at €5 on check-in.

 Contractual Obligations

The Resident agrees to:

Rent Charges

1. To pay the rental charges in full and as detailed in accommodation contract.

Use of premises

2. To use the premises for residential purposes as the resident’s principal home and not to operate a business therein or use the premises for any illegal purpose.

Racial and other harassment

3. Not to commit or allow visiting guests to commit any form of harassment on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or disability which may interfere with the peace and comfort of, or cause offence to other guests, visitors, staff or neighbours.


4. Not to play or allow to be played any music or other devices so loudly that it causes a nuisance or annoyance to other guests or can be heard outside the building. Maltese law does not allow loud music in a residential area after 11pm.


5. Not to keep any animals at the Residence

Illegal drugs

6. Not to keep, or allow to be kept, or to consume any illegal drugs in the building.

Inflammable liquids

7. Not to store or use petrol, paraffin or any other inflammable liquid or material in the premises or any part of the building.


8. To maintain the Premises in a clean and tidy state and to pay all costs incurred by the Residence in making good any damage to the Premises or to the Residence fixtures, fittings and furnishings or to the common parts caused by the student or any invited visitor to the premises, fair wear and tear excepted. Only Residence employees and contractors are authorized to carry out repairs, maintenance or alterations to the premises or the Residence fixtures, fittings & furnishings.


9. Not to remove or make any alterations to the Premises or any fixtures, fittings, or furniture provided by the Residence or bring onto the Premises large items of personal furniture. Not to stick posters/signs or any such items on furniture or on walls.


10. The housekeeping service consists of a weekly change & clean of linen, sheets and towels in bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas. Garbage bags and toilet paper are provided only once on arrival. It is a must that students buy their own toilet paper and garbage bags thereafter.

Reporting disrepair

11. To report to the Residence promptly any disrepair or defect for which the Residence is responsible in the structure or exterior of the premises or in any installation therein or in the common parts.


12. To allow access to the Residence employees in order to provide the services detailed in this agreement and to allow the Residence employees, or contractors acting on behalf of the Residence, access at all reasonable hours of the daytime to inspect the condition of the premises or to carry out repairs or other works to the premises or adjoining property.


13. Not to take in any lodger or allow anyone else to live in the premises. Residents allowing guests to sleep over without the University Residence’s consent, will be held duly responsible and fined.


14. To ensure that all visitors entertained by the resident are signed in and have left the building by 23:00 hours. The resident will also be required to sign with the guest. Any visiting guests staying beyond 23:00 hours will be charged at Short Stay rates. Former guests of the Residence will not be allowed access on the premises.


15. Residents are responsible for their designated rooms. They are also fully responsible should they allow any guests/other residents into their room.

House rules

16. To comply with the house rules as listed in this contract as well as other rules that could be introduced from time to time. These rules exist in order to allow good management of the Residence.

Use of Computers & Internet

17. Not to make illicit use of, alter computer settings or damage computers dedicated to resident’s use. Copying of software and hacking is a crime and will be dealt with in respect of the laws of Malta.

Room Changes

18. No room changes will be allowed unless otherwise granted permission by the management. Any room changes will incur an administration fee of Eur60.

Room Keys

19.  Keep room keys on them at all times. Keys will not be available or collected from reception. If keys are misplaced or lost, a new set can only be obtained at a cost of Euro 20 payable at reception.

Moving out

20. To remove all personal possessions, to leave the premises and Residence’s fixtures and fittings in good condition and return the keys of the premises to the reception desk by 10 am on the day the contract expires. The Residence accepts no responsibility for anything left on the premises by the resident at the end of the contract and may charge for the cost of disposal of any items left behind.


21. It is the Resident’s obligation to ensure that he/she is in possession of an insurance policy that covers civil liability and third party liability as well as a health insurance cover. Residents must be in possession of a valid European Health Insurance Card.

Liabilities and Damages

22. Whilst the Residence shall make every effort to help and support the Residents throughout their stay, the Residence does not accept responsibility for any direct or indirect, loss or damage to the Residents and/or to their belongings including personal belongings.

23. The Resident agrees not to hold the Residence in any manner responsible for any loss, damages, or other costs arising from their own negligence or misbehavior.

Ending of Contract

Grounds for ending Contract

24. The Residence can end the Contract by issuing a written notice on one or more of the grounds listed below:-

a. The Resident has failed to pay the charges which are due

b. The Resident has failed to comply with or breached any of the conditions of this agreement

c. The Student has caused damage to the property, fixtures or fittings of the building to which this contract refers

d. The Resident has caused serious or persistent nuisance to other residents, neighbours, staff or committed acts of harassment on the grounds of race, colour, religion, gender, sexuality, age or disability; Subject to:

25. The Residence agrees it will not normally give less than seven days’ notice terminating the contract. provided that this depends on the nature of the situation. The period of notice will be detailed in the written notice, which will also give details of why it has been issued.

Exceptional Circumstances

26. In the case of seriously disruptive or violent behaviour the notice given by the Residence may specify a shorter period than seven days and may, in serious situations be immediate.

University Students

The Residence also reserves the right to report resident University of Malta students to the University’s International and EU Office in case of a serious breach of conditions. The International and EU Office will then consider the severity of the case and decide whether to report the student to his/her home University.

Safety and Security:

Reception– Available 24/7 and will be at your service for whatever you may need or ask for. At reception, one can do photocopies (printing options from the Study Room downstairs), buy mobile (Vodafone/ GO) cards, low rates international telecards, stationery, Laundry coins, Iron & Iron Board leasing, reservations enquiries, tennis Court bookings etc.

Damage and Cleanliness– To maintain the premises in a clean and tidy state and to pay for any costs incurred by the Residence in repairing any damage or any extra cleaning measures required.

Health and Safety– To comply with health and safety regulations given by the Residence and not to engage in bad conduct such as drunkenness or jumping in the pool, which is likely to disrupt or endanger fellow residents. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all accommodation units and carries a fine of Euro 60 not excluding the fine imposed by the Laws of Malta for breaching of smoking regulations. Residents are obliged to inform the Residence should they suffer from any medical, physical or psychological condition which might affect their stay or that of other residents. The Residence shall not be held responsible for students’ safety, even when informed of any such condition.

Lodgers Visitors-Not to take in any non-paying lodger or allow anyone else to live on premises without the Residence’s permission/ consent. Any guests visiting must sign in and leave their ID card at reception and cannot stay longer than 11pm. Any visitors staying beyond 11pm, will be charged the rate for a one night stay. Anyone caught sleeping at the Residence without the Management’s permission will be charged 60.00 Euro himself/ herself and a warning issued to the resident who brought them in. Past students not residing at the Residence will not be allowed access on the premises.

Bookings– All bookings of friends or family are to be submitted to reception at least 1 week prior to their arrival. Any sole occupancy residents (staying in a single room) will still need to pay for an extra guest.

Doctor– For an emergency doctor who can come and see the patient at the residence, kindly contact reception. The visit is at a charge.

Room Changes– No room changes are allowed, however should it be possible to accommodate a room change request, a 60.00 Euro administration fee will apply. Anyone caught sleeping in a room other than his allocated one will be fined and issued a warning.

Garbage– Is to be placed daily outside your townhouse door neatly and sealed in a garbage bag by not later than noon. You will find a garbage bag in the common area on the first day, but then it is up to you to buy garbage bags for daily use. The residents of any townhouses left with rubbish all over the place will be fined.

Cleaning– Is done once a week with change of linen and towels.

Security– You are to ensure that the front door of your townhouse is locked at all times; same goes for your cupboards (food and kitchen utensils) and personal belongings. We are not responsible for any missing kitchen utensils or any other personal belongings. Padlocks are available at reception. We have 16 CCTV cameras operating 24/7 throughout the whole premises for security purposes.

Swimming Pool– Use of swimming pool is limited to 7pm daily. The pool will be closed (out of use) from November to March. Should you want to organize a pool party/ BBQ, you would have to first consult with the Management for permission. Use of pool after hours or during closure, will incur a fee of Euro 100.

Dismissal– Anyone who is dismissed from the Residence will not be allowed to return or visit fellow residents. This Agreement shall be read and construed according to the Laws of Malta. The Maltese Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to decide disputes arising from this agreement.