About Malta

The Maltese Islands, one of the most charming destinations in the Mediterranean, offer the traveller a unique holiday experience.

Blessed with year-round sunshine and set in crystal clear waters, Malta and its sister islands of Gozo and Comino, can be a fascinating setting for a truly memorable vacation. The islands’ numerous cultural, artistic and natural treasures are there to be discovered and are all within easy access from all locations.

Megaliths, medieval dungeons and Calypso’s cave – Malta isn’t just old, it’s positively mythic. The narrow streets of its towns are crowded with churches and baroque palaces. The countryside’s littered with the oldest known human structures in the world. Malta’s very good at selling its romantic past of Copper Age temple builders and crusading celibate knights, and it’s used this image to crank up a formidable tourism industry. Not that the islands are overrun with high rise resorts – yet. In the face of modernisation, the archipelago’s staunchly Roman Catholic culture has helped the Maltese maintain a tight-knit community and keep a lid on runaway development.

The upshot of this is that travellers can enjoy a refreshing balance of convenience and unvarnished local charm, and can get comfort for considerably less than many comparable Mediterranean destinations.

Whether one seeks action or relaxation, tranquility or excitement, one can find it in Malta. For lovers of music, theatre and the arts, Malta boasts an abundant calendar of cultural manifestations and events. For the sportive visitor, the islands offer golf, tennis, sky-diving, horse-riding, and unlimited possibilities for water-sports – from sailing to windsurfing and the best scuba diving in the Mediterranean.

Malta is a feast for the senses: delicious local cuisine and wines, bustling open air markets, traditional fireworks extravaganzas, delicate lace and multicoloured glassware, the thrills of the casino… All of this and more!