The Malta University Residence welcomes people of all national origins who travel to Malta to expand their academic standings, take an academic holiday or visit their University colleagues. This vibrant cosmopolitan setting connects people, enhancing understanding and personal development. The Malta University Residence is conveniently located 2 kms from the University Campus. The Residence operates a courtesy bus service connecting with the University directly and runs on a regular basis. Situated on extensive private grounds with a large communal pool and within walking distance from the quaint town centre of Lija and main public transport routes, the Residence is well positioned for accessing major shopping centres, historical sites and beautiful beaches. In operation since 1994 the Malta University Residence has strived to provide good service in order to meet the living needs of thousands of long term and short term stay clients. The Residence is recognized for its safe surroundings and value-for-money. The Malta University Residence offers the visiting University of Malta student, the International Travelling student, and University visitors a unique, comfortable, safe, clean and friendly live-in facility. MUR provides a direct link to the University of Malta’s server, with students able to access the same information available on campus, with the Residence complex. No other establishment has this privilege. The internet service is free of charge and for the sole use of University of Malta Students.