2019-2020 Rates

Rates for Academic year 2019-2020 are online. Please click here to access them.

4 Responses to 2019-2020 Rates

  1. victor toro says:

    I m traveling on 02-06-2012 to 07-06-2012, i would like to know rates for a room

  2. Sarah Davey says:

    Myself and two other students are taking part in a student exchange programme from the UK and are due to be staying in Malta From Sept-Nov (3 Months) and were wondering what options/prices of accomadation you recommend or are avaidable?

  3. osaro kelly onabor says:

    good day,what is sharing and twin sole in your accomodation rate i am interested in paying for one.Is there swimming pool in standard room.Hope to hear from you soon.

    best regards
    osaro kelly onabor

  4. Frank Lathbridge says:

    I am a student of St. Institute of IT. I need an accomodation. can you kindly send me any information including the prices. thank you.

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