Academic Rates

Academic Year 2017 – 2018

The rates below are inclusive of VAT but exclude any form of government tax that may be introduced throughout the year.

Overseas students are advised to take note of the Orientation day, dates* set by the International Office (University of Malta). It is recommended to book any extra nights in advance.

Semester 1: 20th September to 5th February (138 days) *Orientation day: 22nd September

Semester 2: 31st January to 3rd July (153 days) *2nd February

Academic Year: 20th September to 3rd July (286 days)

Room Type 1st Sem Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Student Rooms Sharing 1638.06 1492.47 145.59
Single 2391.54 2203.17 188.37
Twin Sole 2536.44 2345.31 191.13
Post Grad Room Sharing 1970.64 1748.56 222.32
Single 2942.16 2604.06 338.10
Room Type 2nd Sem Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Student Room Sharing 1816.11 1654.70 161.42
Single 2651.49 2442.65 208.85
Twin Sole 2812.14 2600.24 211.91
Post Grad Room Sharing 2184.84 1938.36 246.48
Single 3261.96 2887.11 374.85
Room Type Academic Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Student Room Sharing 3225.08 2783.78 441.30
Single 4708.56 4246.37 462.19
Twin Sole 4993.85 4520.33 473.52
Post Grad Room Sharing 3879.88 3442.17 437.71
Single 5792.64 5126.98 665.66
1st Sem Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Apartments Sharing 2246.64 2061.03 185.61
Single 3477.60 3198.15 279.45
2nd Sem Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Apartments Sharing 2490.84 2285.06 205.79
Single 3855.60 3545.78 309.83
Acd Year Special Early Payment Package SAVE
Standard Apartments Sharing 4423.28 4057.84 365.44
Single 6846.84 6296.65 550.19

All rates include:

  • Housekeeping (cleaning of bedroom and common area, once a week).
  • Linen, sheets and towels (once a week)
  • Maintenance, gas, water and electricity
  • Use of large swimming pool, Bar lounge area with satellite T.V and free Wi-Fi provided by University of Malta, exclusively to University students.
  • Daytime use of basket ball court, tennis court and 400m cross country jogging track

The use of the iron and ironing board are available for rent at 1.00 Euro per day with safety deposit boxes available at 20.00 Euro per semester.

Students booking for the 2nd Semester only, are advised that due to an overlap between the 1st and 2nd semester, they could be asked to share a room or may be provided alternative accommodation for the first few days until the departure of the 1st semester students.

Similarly 1st Semester students who wish to stay beyond the 31st January departure date might be asked to share.

Accommodation beyond the 2nd July will be charged at summer rates, and subject to availability.

Re booking, priority will be given to first (1st) year students or first (1st) time students studying at the University of Malta, who choose to stay at the University Residence.

Student Rates and Special Packages SPECIAL OFFER: The Residence is offering a Special Early Payment Package for students who pay for the semester or academic year PRIOR to arrival, via bank transfer. NO CONCESSIONS ON THIS PACKAGE WILL BE MADE FOR LATE PAYMENT. Students wishing to pay by installment will be charged the non discounted rate. Students paying by installments will be asked on arrival (check-in) to pay 2 months upfront.

Please Note:

Students who leave the Residence, whether it being of their own accord or due to dismissal, before the 5th of February in the case of the 1st semester and the 3rd July in the case of the 2nd semester, will not receive a refund (accommodation nor deposit).

Any students who leave the Residence prior to their original departure date, will only be allowed limited access into the Residence.

In order to secure your booking, it must be backed by a deposit of €350 or US Dollar equivalent. This must reach the Residence before the arrival of the student, as otherwise there is no guarantee of a place. Please note that bank charges apply when paying by card, therefore on return of the refundable deposit, bank charges will be deducted.

On the 20th of June 2016 the Government introduced ‘eco tax’. Guests will be asked to pay 0.50c per day, capped at €5 on check-in.

Booking cancellations:

Bookings cancelled beyond the below dates will not have their Eur 350 deposit refunded.

First semester and academic year booking by no later than 31st July 2017

Second Semester bookings by no later than the 30th of November 2017

The above rates are subject to change prior to receiving confirmation of booking against full payment.